Elisabeth is a specialist in dermatology and responsible for cosmetology treatments at Inviocare – extensive IPL laser therapy for unwanted hair growth, pigment spots and light-induced age changes. In addition, Elisabeth is responsible for treatments with botulinum toxin for cosmetically disfiguring facial wrinkles as well as filler treatments for deeper facial lines.

Elisabeth sees an important connection between the condition of the skin and mental balance, as the majority of skin changes are associated with significant physical and psychological impact. As all skin diseases are more or less visible, many people with skin changes will feel “on public display” and wish for normalization and beautification. Inviocare thus offers a dermatological assessment and an individual reconciliation of treatment options for clinically correctable changes.

Cosmetic improvement of the skin’s condition can be equated with optimization of other external characteristics and contributes, according to experience, to a better quality of life. In addition to the personal satisfaction of achieving a fresh, younger appearance, the treatment options at Inviocare aim to contribute to a more vital subjective well-being.