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Achieve new and fresh skin with a peeling

The skin is an amazing organ that automatically repairs and replaces itself. Sometimes, however, it can make good sense to help it along the way – for example, if you suffer from skin problems such as scars or sun damage, which you can not get rid of, and which for one reason or another are annoying.

An exfoliation is a treatment of the skin, which leaves the skin soft and delicious. When peeling, you use a product that contains acid and therefore you can effectively and easily remove dead skin cells. It allows a new and fresh skin layer to emerge.

Our products

Peels can be used for many different things. At Inviocare, we use i.a. peels from the American dermatologist Zein Obgais ZO Skin Health. They are known for their very gentle but extremely effective effect. The various peels have been developed with a very specific goal. Some are e.g. targeted pigment changes and scar tissue, others work specifically against acne and various imbalances in the skin, and their very special 3-Step Peel is a deep-acting peel that through three different steps increases the skin’s ability to renew itself. It gives the skin a better opportunity to protect itself from environmental influences, and it leaves the skin more balanced and smooth both in texture and in the general appearance. In addition, it has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Before After

ZO skin program

The customer has been through a 10 week course, where an individual skin program has been made for the customer. Only products from ZO Skin Health have been used and after 10 weeks, the customer has had a completely renewed skin.

How the treatment is carried out

At an exfoliation at Inviocare, we will start by doing a thorough skin analysis, after which we target the exfoliation according to your skin type. We do a thorough cleansing of the skin as well as facial massage. For your peeling, you can buy direction of eyebrows, as well as coloring of eyebrows and lashes.

After the treatment with peeling, the skin will be treated with stimulating, soothing and rebuilding products that balance the skin.

Immediately after the treatment with peeling, the skin will appear soft, moisturized, supple and more even. Likewise, it will have a great glow.

You do not need to book a consultation before a peeling treatment.

We offer the following peels

ZO Luxury Signature Treatment (anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, all skin types)

A luxurious treatment that combines skin-renewing AHA acids, fights fine lines and wrinkles, pigment inhibitors, vitamins and several stimulating ingredients to instantly soften and uniform the skin tone, has a firming effect and gives the skin a fantastic glow. Can also be used for skin that is oily, has clogged pores, accumulation of dead skin cells is exfoliated away. In addition, you will receive depth cleansing if your therapist deems this necessary and you will experience well-being in connection with a relaxing massage of the neck and back, while your skin is pampered with a moisturizing mask. The combination of the different elements can be both seen and felt.

Eyebrows and lashes

As an addition to the ZO Luxury Signature peeling, you can get straightened eyebrows with wax and tweezers, as well as stained lashes and eyebrows for only 150 DKK. If you want to get it with one of the other peels, this is possible, but at full price.

ZO Clear Up (all skin types)

For you who are on the go, and need extra glow and moisture. The treatment is deep cleansing, stimulating and moisturizing. It works on the fine lines and uniform skin tone.

ZO Stimulation Peel (anti-aging)

This peel contains fruit acid, which will fight lines and wrinkles. In addition, it will act on pigment, moisturize, soften and even out your skin tone. The peeling gives a fantastic glow and can be used before your skin needs to appear extra fresh, if you are going to a big party, then you can give your skin an extra boost. Can be used by all skin types and if you tend to greasy there are clogged pores and it will exfoliate the dead skin cells gently away.