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Let’s make your skin more beautifil with a laser treatment

The purpose of a laser treatment is not to completely change your appearance and remove your special features.

Laser treatments are an extremely versatile form of treatment that can be used for many different things. Our IPL laser is used to treat problem areas such as vascular ruptures, sun damage and pigment changes and our diode laser is used to reduce unwanted hair growth.

The above examples are cosmetic features, which in many cases give you your completely personal and unique look and are therefore simply charming. But in some cases it weakens self-confidence or is directly bothersome, and then you can, for example, use laser to achieve an appearance that you feel good about. The treatment can also have a skin rejuvenating effect, that is to say that it refines the skin area where treatment is performed. There are therefore many possibilities with a laser treatment, and therefore you can also target the treatment to just you and your skin.

If you wish to have a laser treatment carried out at Inviocare, you will be met by our skilled team, who are ready to help you. You can read more about the Inviocare team here.

The benefits of treatment with laser and read about the results

At Inviocare, we offer many different types of laser treatments. In addition, there are minimal discomforts both during and after the laser treatment.

Treatments we offer with laser:

  • Vascular ruptures
  • Refinement of skin area
  • Sun damage and pigment changes

The possibilities with laser are many and with a series of laser treatments approximately 4 weeks apart, you can expect to achieve your project. The number of treatments depends on the specific area, the desired result, and of course also on the condition of your skin before the treatment.

Order a free consultation at the clinic

We always start a treatment course with a thorough consultation. The treatment must be adapted to your skin type and your problem areas, and therefore the best result is achieved if you thoroughly investigate the options beforehand. In addition, in collaboration with our therapists, you can make a plan for the process, so that there is the greatest possibility of achieving the desired result in the end.

Contact the clinic to book a free consultation if you want to know more about your options and about laser treatments at Inviocare in Copenhagen or a free consultation. Go directly to our online booking page to see when we have available times for you.

The treatment itself and the technology behind

The treatment works by a targeted heat effect on the skin or blood vessels. Thereby you can achieve the desired result in the specific area you find problematic. At Inviocare, we naturally use laser devices that have the latest and safest technology for precisely cosmetic treatments.

Before most laser treatments, you must not be affected by self-tanner or sun – neither outside nor in a solarium. If your skin is tanned or you have used a self-tanner, the pigmentation in the skin is increased, and this can both affect the treatment result and increase the risk of side effects such as combustion. In general, the skin must be whole and clean, and you must not have waxed the skin immediately before your laser treatment. You must also neither use products containing vitamin A nor exfoliate your skin 2 weeks before.

The treatment time varies from 10 min. and up, depending on the size of the treatment site. The laser light can feel hot on the skin during the treatment. There is a built-in cooling system in the device, which reduces discomfort during the treatment.

There may be a slight redness in the skin after the treatment, but this usually goes away the same day. The skin must not be exposed to sunlight for 4 weeks after the treatment, or as long as the skin appears affected by the treatment. It can vary from person to person, how long the skin needs a “break” afterwards, and it also depends on the treated area. You can talk to your therapist, who will give you good advice and guidance for care and maintenance after the treatment.

The treatment is repeated at 1-3 month intervals – you agree all this with your therapist when you plan your treatment course together. Contact the clinic if you want to know more about the possibilities within laser treatments or book a free consultation.