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Recognized cosmetic treatments at Inviocare

Inviocare is a specialist clinic that offers well-known cosmetic treatments with the safest, best and latest equipment on the market.
At Inviocare, consultations are always free and we offer the following treatments:

Inviocare is registered and approved by the Board of Patient Safety without remarks. This testifies to a high level of health education.

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Results that you can see and feel

Have you ever wished that there was just one magic fix-it-all, that could restore both your vibrant glow and your energy?

Well, now it’s here. As a first in Scandinavia, Inviocare is introducing REVIV’s groundbreaking rehydration and nutrition treatments. Employing the science and technique behind medical rehydration treatments, REVIV has created a range of intravenous (IV) and intramuscular (IM) treatments, that improve your looks and overall wellness in less than an hour.

The treatments are medically approved and safe and are always administered by a medical professional in our cosy Inviocare surroundings. Read a magazine, pop your feet up. Get ready for the very best of you.

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Professional products

All our treatments and products are based on medical science. Developed on the basis of medical research, approved testing and final proof of effect, these treatments and products are your guarantee of a safe and effective beauty treatment – one you can enjoy the result of for a long time.

We work with a range of carefully selected international brands, such as Juverderm, Restylane, Botox, Reviv, ZO Skin Health, Ultherapy, Cynosure among others – all strong, recognised brands that provide clear results from beginning to end. You can support the results you gain in our clinic with our professional skin care products. Have a look in the webshop and ask your therapist which products best suit your needs.

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