Botox (Botulinum toxin)

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Age leaves its mark on the skin, and it neither can nor should be changed. Facial expressions and facial expressions are part of one’s personal form of expression – and the wrinkles and joints that appear in the skin over time are part of one’s story and testify, for example, to a life full of smiles and laughter.

However, in some cases you may find that the wrinkles settle as deep joints in the skin, which results in, for example, you may look angry or worried, even if it is not how you feel.

Botox treatment is thus not necessarily used to look younger, but just as much to make the exterior harmonize with the interior.

Product and effect of Botox

Botulinum toxin, also called Botox, is an approved drug based on protein substances.

The protein substances in Botox prevent the release of neurotransmitters between nerves and muscles, resulting in muscle relaxation. Precisely for this reason, one can treat the mimic wrinkles with Botox, which occur due to muscle contractions.

Botox is excreted naturally from the body after about 3-6 months, and the treatment will therefore have to be repeated regularly if the effect is to be maintained.

Popular treatment areas

You will always be thoroughly guided in which treatment will suit you.

There are many treatment options with Botox, but some of the most popular treatments are the following:

  • Wrinkles between the eyebrows, also called the worry wrinkle
  • Frowns
  • Wrinkles around the eyes, also called crow’s feet
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Chin wrinkles
  • Downward-facing corners of the mouth
  • Gummy smile
  • Enlarged chewing muscle
Before After

Gummy smile

Reduction of gum smile. Here is treated with Botox. The full result is seen after 14 days, and the effect lasts for approx. 3-6 months. By lowering the upper lip with Botox, the gums will be hidden when you smile.

Consultation before your treatment

Before your first treatment with Botox, it is a legal requirement that you have a free consultation with our specialist. Here you will receive a preliminary examination, as well as be informed and guided further about the treatment and about any side effects.

After the consultation, a minimum of 48 hours must elapse before you can be treated.

How the treatment is carried out

The Botox treatment will be performed by a cosmetic nurse in the clinic.

Before the treatment, you will have pictures taken for your medical record, and your face will be thoroughly washed and disinfected, to minimize the risk of infection. After this, the treatment area will be marked and located.

The treatment itself is performed by injecting small amounts of Botulinum toxin into the facial muscles, with a very thin needle. The injection may be associated with a slight discomfort, but is quickly over.

After the treatment

Immediately after treatment, there may be slight redness and swelling in the injected area and there is a small risk of small bruises. This can usually be remedied with a little ice on the area.
For the first 24 hours after treatment, it is not recommended to massage/touch the area, as well as to exercise hard, consume alcohol, or be exposed to direct sunlight and extreme heat / cold. In addition, applying make-up in the treated area for a minimum of 6 hours is not recommended.

The effect of the treatment occurs after 4-6 days, but you will not have the full effect until after 14 days.

When the full effect has occurred, we always offer that you can come into the clinic for a check-up, where together we can assess whether the treatment has had the desired effect, or whether there is a need for a “touch up” that will be included. in the price.

The result will be natural and most often few people will be able to see that you have received a Botox treatment. They will just notice that you look fresher.

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