Eyebrows and lashes

Eyebrows and lashes

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Get a fresher look with eyebrow and eyelash tinting

Beautiful brows and lashes create an eye-catching look. At Inviocare, we offer professional straightening and coloring of brows and lashes that highlight your natural beauty. Brow and lash tinting and corrections allow you to create a more intense and defined look. Our experienced beauticians ensure that your brows and lashes get the perfect color and shape that best suits your facial structure.

Our treatments are done professionally, where we typically use tweezers and wax, which give the best results. Whether you just want straightening, coloring or both, we have a solution that suits you and your needs.

Our prices for eyebrow and eyelash treatments vary depending on what you want done.

Book your treatment today and experience for yourself the difference that beautiful brows and lashes can make to your appearance. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you achieve the look you dream of.

Get a discount on brow and lash treatments when you buy ZO Peeling

If you want to emphasize your natural beauty, you can advantageously combine your brow and eyelash treatment with a ZO Luxury Signature Peeling treatment. It is possible to get a discount on coloring and corrections of eyebrows and eyelashes if you combine it with the above peeling treatment. When purchasing the treatment, eyebrow and eyelash coloring incl. direction of brows can be bought for DKK 150.

ZO Luxury Signature is a luxurious treatment that contains AHA acids that renew the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lighten pigmentation, add vitamins and other stimulating ingredients to soften and even the skin tone. The treatment is perfect for tightening up and giving the skin a fantastic glow.

The combination of our ZO Luxury treatment and straightening and coloring of brows and eyelashes is perfect for you who want to pamper yourself and your face with a treatment of the highest quality.