Hair filler

Hair filler

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Product and effect

Hair loss (alopecia) is a disorder of the body. of hair production and can occur in both men and women and anywhere on the body, but on the head it is most seen.

There are many reasons why one loses hair, it can be genetic, hormonal, malnutrition or stress related.

DR. CYJ Hair filler is a new product and the first in the world to be used for hair loss. It consists of hyaluronic acid and a peptide complex for hair growth and scalp reconstruction. It can treat both men and women where hair follicles quickly form the path to new hair follicles and it will grow again. The function of the 7 peptides can generally be explained by the fact that they cause stem cells to improve. They maximize the formation of hair follicles, they strengthen the hair cells against hair loss and they help deliver the peptide complex to the inner layers of the scalp.

It is not possible to treat perfectly bald persons (where the hair is dead) as it will have no effect. One should still be able to see some hair growth in the area to be treated.

Come to a free legal consultation at our clinic

Before your first treatment with hair filler, it is a legal requirement that you have a free consultation with either our cosmetic nurse or our specialist. Here you will receive a preliminary examination, as well as be informed and guided further about the treatment and about any side effects. Contact the clinic to book a consultation, or to hear more about the possibilities for treatment with hair filler at Inviocare in Copenhagen.

Before the treatment

You should avoid medicines such as Kodimagnyl, Ibuprofen or medicines that contain Salicylic acid, as well as alcohol and supplements that contain fish oil, as this increases the risk of bleeding and thus bruising at the injection site. This should be omitted 1 week before treatment.

The treatment itself

You must meet with freshly washed hair, and sit with anesthesia on in the marked area for 30 minutes, before treatment. The area is then washed and disinfected. This is prepared by making paths of partings in the hair, so that the product can be injected in the area where less hair growth is seen. The product is injected in very small doses with a thin needle, completely superficial in the skin and is largely painless. The treatment itself lasts approx. 30 minutes.

A standard session of 4 treatments every two weeks is recommended. In total, there are 4 treatments in two months. When they are done you will be able to see after 2-3 weeks that the hair starts to grow and after 3 months the hair will have grown approx. 1 cm.

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