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Get a more fresh and healthy look with Volite skinbooster

You can not avoid that age leaves some mark on the skin, and you certainly should not. The small wrinkles on your face are part of your story, and they testify, for example, that you have had a life full of smiles and laughter.

For some, however, wrinkles and furrows are very deep and obvious – even when relaxing – and it can give a tired and unobtrusive look, even if it is not really how you feel. It is of course frustrating, and therefore you can, for example, use Skinbooster to get the fresh and healthy look that reflects your mood and personality.

You will be well received by our skilled team before your Juvéderm Volite treatment. The treatment itself will be performed by one of our skilled cosmetic nurses who will make sure that you get the best possible treatment.

Come to a free legal consultation at our clinic

In connection with your first Volite Skinbooster treatment at Inviocare, you must have a free consultation before. In this way, you and the therapist can jointly arrive at a course of treatment that is just right for you. It is also a legal requirement that you have 48 hours of reflection time before the actual treatment. Contact the clinic to book a consultation, or to hear more about the possibilities for treatment with Skinboosters at Inviocare in Copenhagen.

The product and the treatment itself

Juvéderm Volite Skinbooster is a product that helps to give you a younger and fresher look. The effect of a Skinbooster treatment is seen after 2-4 weeks, the skin’s elasticity, smoothness and moisture balance are improved. Wrinkles are reduced and the skin gets a wonderful glow and has a long-term effect.

Volite Skinbooster consists of a hyaluronic acid, which is water-binding. It is a sugar molecule that we naturally have in the body, but which we produce less of with age. Volite Skinbooster thus creates a natural glow and a fresh look by gently smoothing the skin from the inside – just like the body itself does when you are younger. There is no paralysis of facial muscles or the like, and because the acid just looks like our own, one achieves a very natural result.

Skinbooster is injected with a thin needle and in very small doses under the skin. It attracts fluid and it results in a long-lasting and deep moisturizing of the skin from the inside and the skin structure is improved. By placing small doses of Volite Skinbooster just under the skin, it can be compared to lubricating the skin with cream from the inside. This results in a skin that is well moisturized, smooth, soft and with a beautiful shine. The face is a very common area to treat, but also areas such as hands, neck, neckline and areas with scars from acne can be treated.

How to use Juvéderm Volite skinbooster and read about the result

There is clear evidence to support that the product ensures a result for up to 9 months after treatment. The treatment is suitable i.a. for younger customers who want to maintain a natural glow and good skin quality. The treatment can have a preventive effect, and therefore younger customers can also benefit from this treatment. Likewise, the mature customer who seeks more vitality and elasticity in the skin can also benefit from it. Last but not least, treatment with Juvéderm Volite skin booster can reduce the amount of scars after acne and it can correct unevenness in the outer layer of the skin. 1-2 ml is typically used in one treatment.

91% of customers are more satisfied with their skin after a treatment with Juvéderm Volite. 96% experienced their skin as being softer after a treatment with Juvéderm Volite, and 6 months after a single Volite treatment, the skin continues to experience improvement.

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