Make a loan for cosmetic treatments without interest and fees

Inviocare offers, in cooperation with Nordea Finance Denmark A/S, an interest- and fee-free loan for all treatments we offer at the clinic.


  • Minimum purchase is DKK 500,- incl. VAT
  • Maximum purchase is DKK 40,000,- incl. VAT
  • Repaid over a period of max. 10 months
  • Establishment fee: DKK 0,-
  • Fixed debt rate: 0 %
  • APR: 0 %
  • Payment via “Betalingsservice”: DKK 0,-
  • Payment other than “Betalingsservice”: DKK 29,- per month
  • First payment: Current month + 30 days

That’s how easy it is:

  1. Complete the loan application at the clinic in collaboration with the staff.
  2. After approval by Nordea Finance*, you will be set up as an account customer.
  3. It all only takes 5 minutes if you have your MitID, passport or driver’s license and the yellow health card with you.
  4. You can now have the treatment you have received funding for carried out.

* You cannot be approved for the loan if you are in RKI.

Example of 10 months installments

Loan amount
Installments per month
DKK 2,000,- DKK 200,-
DKK 4,000,- DKK 400,-
DKK 6,000,- DKK 600,-
DKK 10,.000,- DKK 1.000,-
DKK 20,000,- DKK 2.000,-
DKK 40,000,- DKK 4.000,-

Cancellation right: According to section 19 of the Credit Contracts Act, you can revoke the credit agreement entered into within 14 days.

If you have questions about our financing, please call us on tel. +45 51 88 15 34 or send an e-mail:

Nordea Finance