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Get more glow with Mesobotox/Microbotox

Age sets its mark on your skin and it cannot or should not be changed. One’s facial expressions and mimics are part of one’s personal expression. You should not completely wipe out the flair of the age and the wrinkles that are part of your story and, for example, are signs of a life filled with laughter.

Mesobotox/Microbotox is a technique that works by treating and improving skin quality.

The treatment does not relax the muscles, like the classic Botox treatment, but works superficially and improves the skin’s glow. It is therefore closer to a skin quality improvement than the classic wrinkle treatment. Mesobotox/Microbotox effects are not permanent and, like Botox injections, treatment should be repeated after 2-3 months.

These areas can be treated with Mesobotox/Microbotox

Mesobotox/Microbotox is a treatment that requires multiple injections. We always advise you before a treatment, and of course, you can always contact the clinic if you have questions – before and after any treatment. Likewise you can always inquire about our prices and find out more about the possibilities.

We treat the Mesobotox/Microbotox technique on both the face, throat and chest.

The treatment can, among other things, remedy:

  • Redness/rosacea
  • Minimizes the pores
  • Smoothing fine lines
  • Easy tightening
  • Improves skin quality
  • Provides brilliant skin


How to use Mesobotox/Microbotox

We use a different dose than the classic cosmetic Botox injection, and it is injected into a larger area and with multiple injections. Mesobotox/Microbotox is often injected into the T-zone area (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin area). The treatment smoothes the skin and gives a significant improved and reduced pore size. The same effect can be seen on the breast area and on the throat where the customers often have fine wrinkles.

The actual treatment and the product

Botox is based on protein substances. The protein does not accumulate in the body as it is naturally excreted in the urine, and therefore you can easily repeat the treatment as needed. Before processing, pictures of the area are taken.

The treatment consists of numerous injections and this can subsequently cause bruising and redness.

The effect is seen after 4-7 days.

Book a free mandatory consultation

Before your first Mesobotox/Microbotox treatment at Inviocare, you must book a free consultation with our specialist in dermatology. It is also a legal requirement that you have 48 hours of reflection before the treatment itself.