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For clinics and international brands
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Why a partnership with Inviocare

Inviocare formalises strategic partnerships with all trade partners. It is fundamental to our dynamic growth model. The partnerships are based on ambition, willingness, business intelligence and dynamic growth mechanisms, and a partnership with Inviocare will mean business growth that matches Inviocare’s for all partners.

As your partner, we make clear demands on your knowledge, professionalism, product praxis and presentation – and we help you to uphold high standards all the way. In return, we provide thorough product and treatment training, marketing through our tailored communication platform and showcasing through our clinics.

We have our finger on the pulse and deep, strategic experience from the medical and aesthetic world. A partnership with us will develop your business and together we will drive the market and bring the Nordic aesthetics industry into the future.

Meet the Inviocare team

Inviocare distribution

With us as your distribution partner, you will secure a strong position in the Nordic market for your clinic with competitive products and treatments, a strong pricing strategy and a business partner who focusses on your company’s need for information, growth and strong marketing in every step.

As a distributor Inviocare stands for:

  • Investment and business development
  • Dynamic partnership
  • Deep product knowledge
  • Clinical experience
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Competitive pricing strategy

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Inviocare training centre

A comprehensive training programme will be linked to every brand in our portfolio as a fundamental part of our partnerships. Specific training modules will be designed to match each product and the training will be carried our by Inviocare health care professionals.

The Inviocare Training Programme consists of a total of five training modules:

  1. Anatomy
  2. Theory
    – Product training
    – Treatment technique
    – Contraindications
  3. Patient consultation & profiling
  4. Demonstration
  5. Praxis

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Inviocare strategic communication

As a partner of Inviocare you will benefit from our tailor-made communication platform. The platform follows the company model of optimisation in every step and with a strong team of communication specialists and health care professionals, Inviocare ensures sophisticated and interactive branding and communication that stays true to source while being adapted to the local markets.

We source high quality marketing materials from our partners that set high standards for our entire brand portfolio’s communication. This ensures full brand coherence as well as the maximum benefit for you, our partner.

Inviocare works directly with the media, journalists and bloggers. Handling the communication directly and without an external agency creates a powerful impact where it matters and guarantees authenticity.

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