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Inviocare’s team of aesthetics specialists brings the future of aesthetics home

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We bring home the future of aesthetics

Inviocare is an international aesthetics company with deep roots in the Nordic market. Our business model is unique in the Nordics and builds on dynamic growth through strong partnerships: growth of the market, growth of our company and growth within each of our partners’ companies – clinics as brands.

Documentation and data is fundamental to us. As fundamental as scientific proof is to the products we represent. We believe that knowledge and the right mindset is power, and we intend to spend ours on bringing the future of aesthetic treatments and products to the Nordic market.

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Why Inviocare?

The Nordic market

The Nordic aesthetics market is in measurable growth. The current year-on-year growth on products such as injection treatments is 11%. In just one year, the time span from consideration to decision and treatment are down to a fifth: 6 months. And the increase in male users is three times as high as among women. Aesthetic treatments go hand in hand with a strongly manifested wellness industry in the Nordics and the treatments are perceived as a natural part of holistic wellness.

Knowing the cultures, the characteristics and the market dynamics is pivotal to success in these growing markets. As a genuinely Nordic company with an international outlook, we take pride in connecting leading international brands to local clinics and end users through our streamlined value chain. But also, we take pride in dynamic business development which is what we offer our partners.

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Dynamic growth model

Inviocare’s unique business model of dynamic growth in every step of the value chain is unprecedented in the Nordics. Our strong network of long-term clinic, HCP and media relations, our access to strong business intelligence and our deep experience in the industry at all levels, makes us an unrivalled Nordic partner in aesthetics.

Our business model is designed to strengthen our partners’ businesses as as much as our own through the inherent growth mechamisms and a strategy of sales optimisation in every step. Strategic communication is built into the model with sophisticated and interactive branding and campaigns carefully adapted to local markets.

With our industry-specific experience within all disciplins from brand building, sales and communication to global medical distribution, operational know-how and strong clinic ties, we aim to influence and boost the Nordic market with a discerning and ambitious brand portfolio, showcased through our own clinics. We hope you will join us!

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Proven portfolio

The Inviocare concept is designed on the basis of scientific proof, documentation and data. Measurable proof and data is as central to our way of working as it is to the brands in our portfolio.

The brands we choose to represent and work with in the Nordic market all have proven track records. Both when it comes to clinical effect, but also when it comes to performance in the market. We focus on products and treatments that have demonstrated high performance in other markets, and we adjust according to our knowledge and experience with product performance and Nordic aesthetics users.

Our deep knowledge of Nordic aesthetics market combined with our dynamic approach to business development and growth is what makes us your strongest partner in the Nordics.

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Flagship clinics

Our flagship clinics will launch in the Nordic capitals in 2016. The clinics will work as live business intelligence hubs for the Nordic aesthetic industry’s most effective and groundbreaking treatments: controlled environments for both branding and praxis, where we can collect client feedback, product insights and success rates as well as drive the market with ambitious and dynamic pricing and quality standards.

The flagship concept is well known from prestigeous brands like L’Oreal, Dior and ZO Skin Health who with their exclusive concept stores and clinics have showcased their brands and built status, awareness and deep client knowledge and connection. As an Inviocare partner, you will benefit from all the effects of our exclusive flagship clinics, showcasing our groundbreaking treatments and our vision for the future of aesthetics.

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We trade with some of the world’s most powerful brands – brands with proven success in the market and scientific proof of their effectiveness.
We showcase all our treatments and brands at our exclusive Inviocare clinics and on the consumer part of the website.

Our dynamic business model is designed to ensure that growth happens in every link of our value chain – and for all parties involved.
As a brand, you will receive experienced brand management and digital marketing through our tailor-made channels.
As a clinic, you will receive training and business development and lots of brand awareness through our campaigns and clinics.