Michael Heidenheim is a specialist in dermatology and responsible for cosmetic treatments at Inviocare – including IPL laser therapy of unwanted hair, and pigment and light related age changes. Michael is also responsible for wrinkle treatments with botulinum toxin and filler treatments of permanent lines in the face.

Michael Heidenheim has 25 years’ experience as a specialist within the hospitals. Specifically, in the treatment of dermatological conditions, and he has a great diagnostic and therapeutic awareness of each disease and related differential diagnoses. In relation to this, Michael Heidenheim highlights an important aspect between “mind and skin” – since the main part of skin diseases is connected with substantial physical and psychological impact. Almost all skin diseases are more or less visible, and a lot of patients feel publicly displayed and wish for normalization and beautification. Inviocare offers a dermatological evaluation and an individual assessment of treatment possibilities for clinically correctable changes.

Cosmetic improvement of the skin condition can be compared to improvement of other external characteristics, and experience shows that it contributes to a better quality of life. Besides the personal satisfaction due to a younger look, the treatment possibilities at Inviocare also aim at supporting a more vitally subjective wellbeing.

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